Insul-Quilt is a blanket of glass-wool, faced with white fiberglass cloth and backed with aluminum foil. It is two inches thick and four feet wide. It is manufactured at a standard length of 16 feet but can be customized to varying lengths. Insul-Quilts can be manufactured to each individual client’s needs and even though the standard color-schemes are black and white fiberglass cloths, at our client’s request this cloth can be provided in numerous colors.

The Kodak Theater

Since 1959 Insul-Quilt has withstood the test of time and has emerged over and over again as the superior sound barrier when compared to even the newest state of the art sound absorbent materials. With a NRC of .95 and weighing only .4 lbs. per square foot it is significantly lighter than most other professional grade materials, yet it absorbs in many cases as much as twice the noise as other materials.

Insul-Quilt serves not only as an acoustical and/or plenum barrier, but it also serves as excellent insulation. It is extremely safe due to its outer flame proof foil and received a flame spread and smoke density test result of zero by the SGS U.S. Testing Company Inc. in 2003.